2012-07-09 NOVELTY!
 Metal detector tesoro outlawwith 3 coils in the standard package!
2012-05-26 NOVELTY!
NOVELTY! The ultimate high performanceminelab ctx 3030 for TREASURE detecting!
2010-12-10 New
A new German metal detector lorenz deepmax x5/x6 has come for sale!
2010-06-08 New
New underwater and beach metaldetectors from white's.
2010-02-27 New
New walk-through detectors for security.



A modern metal detector gives an opportunity to search for coins, jewelry, treasures, arms, relics and artifacts, as well as to study former places of combat operations. A metal detector can also be used in security systems for localization of firearms and cold steel or metal objects that are stolen from the factory. A metal detector is also applied for industrial purposes to detect metal objects in products or raw materials, as well as to localize pipes, cable lines and voids.


Buy a Metal Detector at Metalfind


We deliver a full range of metal detector models from the world’s leading manufacturers to Ukraine. We also supply specific search engines, such as GPR, deep-water hand-held and remote-controlled metal detectors, cameras and lights, magnetometers and sonar. At Metalfind you can order and buy any metal detector, spare parts and interchangeable search coils for all models.


Our devices are produced by the following manufacturers: Tesoro Electronics (USA), Whites Electronics (USA), Fisher Reseach Laboratory (USA), Minelab Electronics (Australia), Garrett Electronics (USA), TB Electronics (Germany), Lorenz (Germany), Ranger Security (USA), JW Fishers (USA), Geophysical Survey Systems (USA), Bastion.


A Metal Detector, Its History and Application


What a metal detector actually is, we found out not long ago, and namely at the beginning of the XIX century. Exactly at that period this device was invented in the USA. Initially metal detectors were used at large industrial factories to prevent stealing of finished details and half-finished metal products. But not long after this time they also found wide application in other spheres of human activity. It became especially interesting for the security sphere. Walk-through metal detectors are widely used both in Ukrainian and in all other airports of the world. And after appearance of a more compact hand-held version, it became an obligatory attribute for all security services of both state and private security bodies.


A metal detector is also widely used for peace purposes. Archaeologists, geologists and builders consider a metal detector to be a good and highly efficient device that substantially facilitates their work. It became popular also among “white and black” treasure hunters, because a modern metal detector is able to find a metal object, a coin, for example, even at the depth of about half a meter. And larger objects it can detect even at the depth of several meters. Metal detectors are also equipped with LCDs, which show the size of a detected object, its depth, and provide with other useful information. All these functions are needed both by beginners and by experienced treasure hunters.


Order a Metal Detector at Metalfind


We offer reliable metal detectors of high quality with warranty and after sales service at reasonable prices. Delivery is carried out throughout the country by courier services. You should just place an order, and we shall send the metal detector to your city.


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